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The Last Song (2010) - Movie

Movie Description:
A drama centered on a rebellious girl who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father. Through their mutual love of music, the estranged duo learn to reconnect.
The Last Song (2010)

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Comments on this movie -- There are 77
by mer on 2010-04-15

really nice movie

by vickyy on 2010-04-15

itss veryy good

by simplycrazy on 2010-04-15


by jenny on 2010-04-15

:) qunna watch it with my boo !

by i <3 lil wayne on 2010-04-15

i love dis movie its really good

by nah on 2010-04-15

what the fudge. terrible quality

by Booby on 2010-04-16

what is this!!!!
you can hardy see IT

by katey kate on 2010-04-16

This is a GREAT movie I LUV it

by bigboy on 2010-04-16

like these movie is like totaly emotional and like totaly alsome at the same time like totaly miley syres did her thang on these movie like totaly lololol but fo real doe

by xoxochelsea on 2010-04-16

the beginning is not there how are you suposed to no what the heck happened

by Frayyyyyyyyyyy on 2010-04-16


by lexus +isiah on 2010-04-17


by tiffany on 2010-04-17

I '3 thiss moviee rockk onn :D

by 123 on 2010-04-17

the picture on this movie sucks

by mz.gutierrez123 on 2010-04-17

i wissh i saw it

by 456 on 2010-04-17

A touching and sincere film.

by $m!13y on 2010-04-19

This movie is so sad at the ending and it was very inspiring i love this movie it gets 2 thumbs up its the best and saddesrlt m9vie ove ever watched AWESOME MOVIE!!(:

by $m!13y on 2010-04-19

This movie is so sad at the ending and it was very inspiring i love this movie it gets 2 thumbs up its the best and saddest mOvie ove ever watched AWESOME MOVIE!!(:

by dufixhuf on 2010-04-22

goin 2 see it right now

by Toni on 2010-04-26

This is a beautiful movie. It's very emotional and heart-wrenching but beautiful none the less.

by babeylhygd on 2010-04-26

i wanna watch this moviee

by cc on 2010-04-27

ilove this movie but its so sad i still ove it

by jasmine on 2010-04-28

it made me almost cry

by yanyan on 2010-04-30

i wanna watch this movie. luv miley

by nigger on 2010-05-01

let me watch this effin movie!!!!

by ashley879 on 2010-05-01

i love your movie you and liam are so cute togther

by hjerdstedt on 2010-05-02

this film is amazing
i cried repeatingly
was amazing
nicholas sparks<3

by happyjanmarie on 2010-05-05


by ayEn on 2010-05-07

i love this movie :))

by ayyodioni on 2010-05-08

this movie first is good then is very good finally is better than tictani'''''''''''''''''''''''

by lexiie on 2010-05-08

miley is not a kid anymore. nice. go miley!

by tata on 2010-05-13


by hezelyan on 2010-05-17

its wonderful i love it

by f u on 2010-05-17

movie is gay

by jaypee on 2010-05-18

nice video amazing

by EmmzEmily on 2010-05-21

That boy is hot

by guest on 2010-05-23

love this movie

by kkkkkk on 2010-05-29

wort movie i ever saw in my life

by kkkkkk on 2010-05-29

wort movie i ever saw in my life

by fragile on 2010-06-05

i hope i can watch it!... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

by vannahh on 2010-06-06

Amazing movie <3

by vannahh on 2010-06-06

Amazing movie <3

by vannahh on 2010-06-06

Amazing movie <3

by jc on 2010-06-09

nice movie

by squidbob on 2010-06-19

its good!!!

by sex on 2010-07-01

you can't hardly see it

by peanut on 2010-07-03

GREAT movie..wished it showed a little better..but other then that its SOOOO GOOOD =-)

by JENIFER on 2010-07-04


by franka on 2010-07-13

such a freakin awesome movie! luv it!!!!

by jujubee on 2010-07-14

i think the book is really better than the movie

by me on 2010-07-16

awesomeee i cried :(

by lovely on 2010-07-21

this movie is very very gud i would recommend everyone to c i cried a couple of times

by babyface 45567 on 2010-07-28

wich one lookes better

by mexifri on 2010-08-01

this movie was really touching. i loved it. it made me cry

by nanay on 2010-08-04

gooodddddddd moive. she said needs more actshon in the movie jk awsome

by your moma on 2010-08-04

pretty good movie. liked it. other than ms "hannah montana's" amature acting skills. better luck next time lil one.

by frsnky on 2010-08-16

Mileys bf is so hott and I love the movie (: their a cute couple

by hi4now on 2010-08-18

I love this movie so much. But believe me if you like the movie you must defiantly must read the book. The movie is missing so much from the book.

by kkkkkk on 2010-08-21


by asibaby<3 on 2010-08-25


by hey hey hey on 2010-09-04

the best pretty good quitlay

by hahahahahahahahaha on 2010-10-03

the awsemest movie in the world

by sango on 2010-10-09

awsome and cool and deep

by khimpOtsx on 2010-10-17

this movie is touchinq and very romantic too !! :))

by justin bieber rocks!!! on 2010-10-20


by IdEeKeEiI on 2010-12-08

EmGeE ... ThIs IsH VerY ... YaHh ...

by x3'mirandajoy on 2010-12-22

It was touching, sad, and romantic.. iLoved it. It made me cry, :')

by <3<3<3<3 on 2010-12-23

I really <3 this movieee im not the biggestfan of Miley especially her smoking a bong but i love this

by OREO on 2010-12-29


by Kritlez on 2011-01-14

i luv dis moviee(:

by Artemis on 2011-02-11

A Very heart melted movie that's made me cry many times.. :( I love it so much. ;)

by salyn on 2011-02-21

such a great movie.....

by mini on 2011-03-05

i love it

by lala on 2011-03-12

I love this movie soo much!

by baby girl on 2011-03-26

its great and its sad

by 1234 on 2011-05-29

it's a great movie :)

by joyjoy on 2011-06-29

its very good love story ireally love it!!!must see movei.

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